CEC Program Question of the Month - June 2017

The Continuing Education Credit (CEU) tracking program is designed to promote ongoing education toward pesticide certificate renewal and is encouraged by the Ministry of Environment who would rather see applicators engaged in ongoing education to stay current than writing a test every 5 years.

Tthe tracking program itself sounds simple enough however things can get complicated quickly and there are many rules to follow.  In this new segment, we hope to address common CEC program questions we field from our members.

Q.  How can I get a copy of my CEC points record?

A.  CEC records are typically emailed after the WCTA conference every year once points are populated to individual records, usually by end April.  We typically email them again in the fall so members know where they stand before the fall and winter educational programming offerings begin.  If you aren't receiving your records via email we either don't have your correct email address or you're not signed up for the program. 

For a copy of your record or for futher information, contact Leslie at admin@wctaturf.com