Pesticide Use Summary Reports Due Jan 31 - Revised 'How to Report'

Recently, we circulated an older post written by WCTA Past President Keith Lyall on the subject of 'How to Report Your Annual Pesticide Use'.  Since then, we received a polite reminder that the reporting system has changed since that article was written so we'll give it another go, apologies for any misdirection! 

Recording and reporting information, along with forms can be found on the following BC government web page: 

Important notes: 
- summary reports for annual pesticide use over the last calendar year are due by January 31 of the following year.
  - each licensee must submit a single annual use report. If you operate out of multiple locations, please combine all pesticide use in one report.
  - you must submit a report each year a licence is held even if no pesticides were used during that calendar year.
  - you will need your licence #, licence holder name, general contact information
  - you will need to tally your individual applications for the year by product name and total quantity used
  - we're told that area treated information is not required however we have not heard back from the Ministry on this
  - please enter information accurately. A common mistake is recording an incorrect P.C.P Act Registration Number.
  - the only acceptable units for reporting quantities used are kilograms (kg) of product (not “jugs”, “cases”, “L”, “mL” etc.). Record the amount used from the product container before mixing. Do not report diluted quantities. Do not report the quantity of active ingredient. For this report you may consider 1 L of product to weigh 1 kg.
  - record each separate product used on a separate line.

Reports can be submitted to the ministry by email, mail or courier. Files in PDF format are preferred.  Please follow this format when naming the subject line of your email:
     • YYYY AUS Licensee#
     • E.g. 2020 AUS 12345

Email (preferred)  Business Services - IPM Program

Mail or Fax:
Business Services - IPM Program
Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy
3rd Floor, 525 Superior Street
Victoria, BC V8V 0C5
Fax: (250) 356-0299

Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy
Environmental Protection Division
PO Box 9377 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC V8W 9M6

There are three types of forms as follows.  Most golf/sportsfield operations won't be confirmation holders so the form will depend on whether you treat less or more than 20 hectare (ignore the 'private forest land' reference):

1.  For licensees reporting pesticide use on less than 20 hectares (ha) of private forest land.  Annual Use Report for Licence Holders (New online format)

2.  For licensees reporting pesticide use on more than 20 hectares (ha) of private forest land
​Annual Use Report for Licence Holders Reporting Treatment on More than 20 ha of Private Forest Land (PDF, 232KB)

3.  For confirmation holders
Annual Use Report for Confirmation Holders (PDF, 257KB)

Effective December 15, 2021, PDF versions of the Annual Use Report for Licence Holders form will no longer be accepted.