Olds College Campus News - Update on Enrollment, Internships and Field Schools

By Jason Pick

This edition of Olds College ‘Campus News’ provides an update on enrollment, our internships and field schools, the PTRC research day, and the Turf Science Certificate!

Our students have been busy all summer in their respective field school and internship studies, where each complete 3 courses or 9 credits over the summer.  With bi-weekly assignments, each student will have completed twelve learning goals over the 24 week growing season. 

For our January intake this year, numbers have once again reached capacity with a healthy waiting list into first year.  We’ll expect thirty new first-years to join us in January, and with minimal attrition, will receive another twenty-eight second-year students back on campus.  Our degree students, also topping eighteen this year, will begin their online classes in November before face to face classes begin in January that start with Project Management and Research Methods.  Altogether, we’ll have 70+ new and returning turfies back on campus!

LINK - Turf Science Certificate 

LINK - Turfgrass Management Diploma

LINK - Golf Course Management Applied Degree

New this year at the PTRC TURF Day, an on-field supplier trade show.

The Prairie Turfgrass Research Center hosted another successful research day on the plots, welcoming over 100+ delegates, and new to the program - supplier booths and demonstrations.  Bringing turf professionals from the golf, parks and recreation sectors, a strong presence was shown from all areas of professional sportsturf management.  The program proved to have grown 25% since its last event at the college, and we hope to continue to support our industry with all proceeds going to the Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation.

Special thanks goes out to Barry Cochrane and Nick Weisgerber of Oak Creek, who donated their time to assist in the CEU session, as well as offering the TORO multipro 1750 sprayer for demonstration. 

Other demos included Marinus Reinke and Pat Differ who showed us the Maredo interchangeable heads, Martin Deerline for their deep tine aerator demo and Woodbay Technologies 9200 their dethatcher effectiveness.  For the complete research report from the PTRC, click this LINK., or go to the PTRC website: https://www.oldscollege.ca/research-innovation/Turfgrass-Research/turf-Day/  

The next offering of the 100% online Turf Science Certificate, begins again on October 9th. The first of 3 levels of education offering a specialization in golf, Parks and Sportsturf, our intake this year has tripled since its first offering.  If you are working full-time, this accessible training program has been designed to meet your busy schedule.  To learn more, check the Program Overview LINK.    

For more information about our Turfgrass diploma, and degree programs at Olds College, check out our website http://www.oldscollege.ca/programs/horticulture/turfgrass/    

Until next time, keep it down the middle!