Olds College Campus News Nov/Dec 2019

Winter has finally arrived in Alberta, marking the end of our summer internships.  Under the cover of snow, they are enjoying a well deserved break!  For those continuing to the degree, no rest for the wicked as they begin their 8 week online courses between November and Christmas.

January is on the horizon as we will intake 32 new students into 1st year.  Once again at capacity,and another 18 more students on the waiting list, we remind everyone interested to get your applications in early! Our diploma and degree programs continue to attract more students, and has strengthened in each first, second and third year intakes.  In 2020 we will once again exceed capacity at each educational milestone.   

This period also marks the start of our TurfBowl training, as the team prepares for Orlando in February 2020.  This year, Olds College will be taking a single team, thanks to the generosity of Jason Steadwell and Syngenta who sponsor our attendance.  Watch for our TurfBowl team rally on social media as the date approaches! 

Image courtesy Olds College.  2019 team Renaldo Rolle, Scott Dillon, Ken Revoy, Jordan Bodiguel

Faculty are also shifting gears this time of year, upgrading our skills, preparing for January classes.  Engaging ourselves in training both on and off campus, we also participate in continuing education throughout the conference season.   This fall Olds College will represent at multiple industry events, the Club managers Society, Saskatchewan Turf Association,  Landscape Alberta, and the Property Managers Conference this November.  We look forward to seeing you! 

The Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation and the Prairie Turfgrass Research Center have added a long list of new research projects to its portfolio.  Under the direction of Lead Scientist Manuel Chavarria Ph.D., we are excited to share these new advances to our 2020 students! 

To learn more:  

LINK - Turf Science Certificate
LINK - Turfgrass Management Diploma
LINK - Golf Course Management Applied Degree


For more information about the Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation, Turfgrass diploma or degree programs at Olds College, call 403-556-8243, or email jpick@oldscollege.ca