Olds College Campus News: Turf Diploma Compressed

By Jason Pick

As we emerge from COVID shut downs, the turfgrass management diploma and degree programs are still going strong, with all sections at capacity and waiting list.  

Repeating last year's format again in 2021-2022,  in-class hands on diploma classes have been compressed to the first 9 weeks of the school term, the final 3 courses will be done remotely, abiding to COVID mandates for safety. 

The turf program benefits from a huge 20,000ft² “Landscape Pavilion” indoor worksite, which allows students to instal irrigation systems, apply course construction techniques, drainage projects and other “hands on” core competencies throughout the winter months. The remaining 3 classes were completed online.  Learn more about our Turf Diploma program, and 9 week residency in 2022!             

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Bachelor of Applied Science: ONLINE in 2022
With increasing response to the shift of BASc to online, the BASc in Golf Course management will remain online until further notice.  Although the format was brought on by the pandemic, overwhelmingly positive feedback may influence future delivery models.  

Each “block” course is 13 days long, offering live, daily interaction with your instructor(s) via virtual platform.  The third year cohort has had its highest enrollment in 5 yrs, so please reach out to hear more about this accessible online bachelor of applied science. This year, our BASc students will represent Olds College in San Diego - hope to see you there!     

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Should anyone have any questions, or have not received your annual membership package, please reach out to jpick@oldscollege.ca or call Jason at 403-556-8243