Numbers are in for Pat Dooley Tourney

by Stan Kazymerchyk, Kwantlen University

The numbers are in for our 2022 Patrick Dooley Memorial Golf Tournament.  A total of $10,735.90 was raised, with $8,485.90 going to Turfgrass Research and the remainder split between KPU Turf student award recipients Daniel Lee, Mat Bursey and Doug Chadwick. Theodore Fong and Josh Carlsen also received awards from our Patrick Dooley Endowment Fund.

Daniel Lee, Kwantlen Turf Management

Doug Chadwick, Kwantlen Turf Management

Mark your calendar for next year's event, scheduled for Friday, April 28 at Hazelmere Golf Course again.

Details coming your way soon.

Mat Bursey, KPU Turf Management -

"Hello Dooley family, WCTA Membership and fellow KPU Turf Management students,

I would like to take a moment to thank you all for the ongoing support and dedication to the Patrick Dooley Memorial Golf Tournament. A tournament dedicated to the memory of an avid golfer and inspiring turf manager, while raising money for valuable turf research. 

This year I was named one of the Patrick Dooley Memorial Award recipients. I am honoured to have been selected for this years award along side my fellow classmates. We work extremely hard to balance our family, work, school, and fun. 

I appreciate the recognition for my dedication and determination in maintaining this fine balance. The monetary value attached to the award is going to my future studies and a round of golf. I think Patrick would approve the round. 

See you all at the 2023 Patrick Dooley Memorial Golf Tournament."

Editor's note:  On behalf of the entire WCTA membership, a special thank-you is in order for the tremendous efforts organizing and executing the Patrick Dooley Memorial Tournament.  The two events held in this past fiscal year raised the largest single contribution to turf research in WCTA history, close to $13,500!  Hats off to the ringleader, Stan Kazymerchyk, the Kwantlen Turf Management Student volunteers, the Dooley family volunteers and our most recent host, Hazelmere Golf & Tennis Club.  We're already looking forward to next year's event!