KPU Update - Stan Kaz set to Retire

As another KPU Turf Management diploma school year ends, students transition back to their full-time summer roles.  Here is where they all are this summer:

Mat Bursey Morningstar GC
Fedja Muzur Northlands GC
Daniel Lee Point Grey GC
Doug Chadwick New Westminster Parks
Coleton Besse Chilliwack GC
Dana Andrusyshyn Maple Ridge Parks
Jake McCullough Meadow Gardens GC
Braeden Hage Richmond GC
Christy Olsen Township of Langley Parks
Stanley Ruan Township of Langley Parks
Brendan McLaughlin Bear Mountain GC
Kevin Ziebart DNV Parks
Theodore Fong UBC Athletics
Aiden Nelson Surrey Parks
Aaron Currie Golden Eagle GC
Scott Menzies Swaneset Bay GC
Brandon Smith Township of Langley Parks
Dawson Feaver Chilliwack GC
Gavin Khau Surrey GC
Aiden Murphy Golden Eagle GC

Irrigation with KPU Grad Kelsey Stewart at Northview GC

Turfgrass ID lab

On a personal note, some news about my career. 

This coming 2023-24 school year will be my last year at KPU. I am making this decision now to give KPU and myself adequate time to navigate the transition and have asked to only teach Turf diploma courses next year (75% workload) to ease into retirement before finishing my FT teaching at KPU next year this time. 

I really don't know at this time what I will do with my time past 2024 but now have a year to consider options. KPU is not sure how the transition to new Turf Person will work yet as this is all still 'hot off the press'. If anyone is interested in taking over my KPU role, contact Horticulture Chair Jamie Lamont at

Stan Kazymerchyk
KPU Turf Management Instructor