Olds College Campus News

13.02.02-OC.turf.Clubby Jason Pick, Instructor, Turf Management Program

The final quarter of the 2013 Olds College school year was an exciting one – we began the new year with a guest lecture from Mitch Davidson AGS, superintendent of Dinosaur Trail Golf Club who reminded us to “Invest in Ourselves”  sharing how you can support your associations while advancing your communication skills.  At the CGSA conference in Toronto, we saw our 2012 Applied degree graduate Andrew Krek win the $2500 scholarship, while Cody Inkster and Franz Unterberger  both also collected scholastic grants from the WCTA. 

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2014 Olds College Campus News

13.08.26-Olds.logoby Jason Pick, Instructor, Turf Management Program

Olds College turf students began the fall term this year with our September Fall Classic Golf fundraiser,  where  turfies practiced tournament set up and preparations at the Olds Highlands Golf Club.  As a highlight this year, NHL great Lanny McDonald joined with each group off the first tee,  passing around his Stanley Cup ring to whomever showed interest! A regular at Heritage Pointe Golf Club in Calgary, he did not disappoint. 

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Kwantlen Turfgrass Campus News

12.01.19-Kwatlen-Hort200From Stan Kazymerchyk, Turf Management Program Instructor

Another successful school year concluded mid-April for Kwantlen Turf students. WCTA Conference in Penticton featured our Turf Club hosting a lively opening Pub Night, many hours of conference volunteer work, starry performances at the Hockey Challenge, and a $2,000 donation to Turfgrass Research. Tab Buckner and Peter Sorokovsky represented our associations at Kwantlen’s ‘Horticulture Awards’ night in April. Glen Atamanik won WCTA and Jeff Norris awards, while Grant Steinberg took CGSA and  BCGSA honours. Krista Hewlet, Janine MacDonald and Tom Peterson won KPU Fisher awards.

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