CGSA Master Superintendent, Tim Kubash, Suffers Serious Life Altering Accident

May 17, 2021

#TEAMKUBASH is asking for your support in getting the word out to your membership to request any support they may be able to give on behalf of Tim Kubash, CGSA Master Superintendent.

Tim suffered a serious and life altering accident on May 5 that required not one but two air ambulance trips eventually taking him to the Intensive Care Unit at Vancouver General Hospital.  Tim suffered a break to his C6 and C7 vertebrae and received emergency surgery May 6th. 

While Tim has shown improvement, he is facing many, many months of rehabilitation and therapy and will be wheelchair dependent.

Never one to hold back, and in true Tim humour he has entitled this event the “big reset”.

#TEAMKUBASH is humbly asking for your memberships support for Tim. Funds raised will be used towards therapy and any living space alterations that may be required once Tim is able to go home to Salmon Arm. 

GoFundMe donations can be sent to: 

We appreciate all your support!

Best regards, #TEAMKUBASH

For further information please contact:

Mr. Brian Youell
Uplands G&CC
Victoria, BC
(250) 592 - 7359 

Mr. Greg Austin
Sunset Ranch G&CC
Kelowna, BC
(825) 733 - 4653

Ms. Stephanie Mahé (Kubash)
Edmonton, AB         
(587) 989 - 6207 

Dave Charlton
Kitchener, ON
(519) 998 - 3826

Editor's note:  On behalf of all WCTA members, we're thinking of you Tim and wish you the best possible recovery from this terrible accident!