Metro-Van Extends Water Restrictions

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Metro Vancouver is extending Stage 1 of the Drinking Water Conservation Plan from October 15 to October 30 for the 2022 season.

The decision to extend Stage 1 is being made based on careful consideration of several factors such as weather forecast, seasonal water demand and compliance trends, and current and projected storage capacity at Metro Vancouver reservoirs. 

As you know, the Metro Vancouver region has been experiencing a long period of warm, dry weather since mid-July which is extending into October, along with higher than average water demands. We want to ensure our current water supplies are preserved until the rains return, by extending the watering restrictions. 

We are providing you with this longer advanced notice to allow you enough time to communicate with your members/customers about this change. 

Communication Activities:

Metro Vancouver is promoting the extension of Stage 1 widely over the next two weeks to ensure public awareness of the change; activities include:

   •  Share information with landscaping and irrigation service providers and other stakeholders to ensure they have adequate time to disseminate the information to their customers and members - Thursday October 6, 2022
   •  Issue a media release and respond to media questions and requests for interviews – Thursday October 6, 2022 
   •  Issue organic social media posts with creative and copy available for member use – Thursday October 6, 2022
   •  Update Metro Vancouver water pages and We Love Water website – Thursday October 6, 2022
   •  Update and share public-facing communication materials with member jurisdictions and stakeholders to facilitate and expedite the distribution of the message across the region – Week of October 11
   •  Direct inquiries to Metro Vancouver’s Information Centre as the first point of contact and ensure member jurisdictions’ front-line staff also have information to be able to answer questions regarding the updates and also have Metro Vancouver Information Centre contacts – Week of October 11

You are welcome to direct inquiries to Metro Vancouver’s Information Centre as the first point of contact at or phone at 604-342-6200. 

Thank you for your support in sharing this information with your [members/customers/operations staff] regarding Stage 1 extension and continuing to promote outdoor watering restrictions. 

For questions about the DWCP or extension of Stage 1 please contact me ( 

For questions about the communication roll-out please contact Nermine Tawfik (

Linda Parkinson, P. Eng. MBA
Director, Policy Planning and Analysis 
Water Services
t. 604.659.5936