2022 Golf Rounds Down Over 2021 but 11% Higher than 5 Year Average

The National Golf Course Owners Association Canada’s monthly Research Reports, presented by Club Car, provide crucial data at the course level, as well as to the industry at large. This highly impactful data on rounds played, weather and revenues comes directly from hundreds of golf courses across the country.  

Rounds Played

While both Alberta and the Prairies saw modest gains for the month of August; the remainder of the country were lower than 2021 levels resulting in the slight drop in National Average Rounds in August.

When comparing rounds to weather, operator scores from across the country were generally favourable indicating a modest retreat from the very high COVID demand/utilization levels.

Although the small August decline brings the National YTD result to a decrease of 6.3%, that level is still 11% higher than the 5-year average and represents a gain of almost 2,000 rounds per course. 

Revenue Tracker

National revenue volumes were up slightly in August while transaction numbers dipped by 3%. Although revenue decreases were seen in Ontario and Quebec, all other regions showed reasonable revenue growth over August 2021.

YTD Revenues are 3.9% better than 2021 levels despite YTD Rounds declines of 6% and operator weather scores only slightly better than 2021. 


NGCOA Canada’s Weather Impact Report shows that August was a month of favourable conditions for golf across the country with operators in all regions rating the weather as 7.1 or above. The weather impact report uses a 0-10 scale where 5 is “normal” weather conditions. 

View report:  https://files.ngcoa.ca/files/ngcoa/files/rounds-played-report/en-rpr-august2022-national.pdf