Sports Turf Canada Announces This Year’s Sports Turf Manager of Year!

via Sports Turf Canada

A huge congratulations goes out to Gord Horsman with the City of Moncton, NB for achieving this exceptional award.  The Sports Turf Manager of the Year award goes to a sports turf manager in recognition of his or her professional ability and contribution to the Canadian sports turf industry.

STC Sports Turf Manager of the Year Gord Horsmann (left) with Michael Bladon

This award shows appreciation for the individual’s proactive and progressive efforts within the profession and the industry.  Eligibility includes someone who engages in professional development activities, is an active contributor to the sports turf industry and the profession and displaying outstanding performance.

For anyone who knows Gord, you know he’s more than qualified for this award.  One of our founders, Michael Bladon, nominated Gord for this award, saying, “he exemplifies this award by virtue of his continued work to not only improve the sports turf facilities for the City of Moncton, New Brunswick, but also by furthering the theme of 'better, safer sports turf' in the Maritimes."  

Like so many others, Gord started in the golf industry and naturally progressed to sports turf.  With many years of experience, his expertise is outstanding and he's always one to humbly share his knowledge and thoughts with anyone.  Everyone knows Gord!!

John Bladon with The Chimera Group said, “Gord has always delivered outstanding conditioning to the clientele of Moncton fields.  He has hosted local, provincial, regional, national and international events with exceptional standards fiscally and environmentally.  He has always been a selfless contributor to both the Maritimes in general and to the industry in that area.”

Gord hosted the first Atlantic Canada Field Day in Moncton in 2014, bringing turf professionals from all across the province to a great day of learning and connecting, all organized by Gord.

Gord supports a number of other turf related organizations.  Jim Landry, Landscape New Brunswick’s Executive Director shared, “He’s been a volunteer for many initiatives, serving on steering committees for topsoil conservation, integrated pest management through our Plant Health Atlantic and our most recent Sustainable Turf Manual.  He’s our “go to” when it comes to many things related to our profession like irrigation, soil, IPM, seed selection as well as equipment that pertains to the field (pun intended).”  Jim further shared, “he’s a great representative for his municipality, our profession, our province, our region and sports turf in general.”   

There is no doubt that Gord will help anyone as he is extremely approachable and finds the time to get to know others very well.  Stuart Gillies of Maritime Green Products said, “Due to his strong people skills, Gord has been able to add a calming effect on others, at all levels.  I have seen him converse with senior members of Government, peers, fellow team members and staff, as well as students.  In all situations he conducts himself with equal ease and confidence”.    

Sports Turf Canada has been very fortunate to have Gord as a member for over 16 years and as a Board Director for 8 years.  Gord’s contributions to both the Board and the Association as a whole has been so greatly appreciated.  Always stepping up to host events or contribute to talks for the improvement of our industry.  When he speaks, he has the undivided attention of those in the room.  Gord was willing to step off the Board to encourage new Directors with new and differing experiences to join and ensure a well-versed organization.  Although he doesn’t sit on our Board anymore, he still contributes in a variety of ways to our organization which is very typical of Gord, a consistent contributor to the sports turf industry.

The Guelph Turfgrass Institute assists in the recognition of sports turf managers who exemplify vision and leadership in the sports turf industry and pass along their congratulations to Gord.  Such a wonderful advocate for all things turf!

Sports Turf Canada wants to wish Gord the best and we will be celebrating this acknowledgement with him for years to come.


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