New Michael J. Bladon Scholarship

via Sports Turf Canada

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new scholarship in the name of Sports Turf Canada’s (STC) founding president Mr. Michael J. Bladon. 

This professional development scholarship has received official approval from the STC Board of Directors and Executive Manager, Anne Baliva.  The scholarship will be provided annually to a deserving member of STC by the Bladon Family Trust. 

The details associated with the scholarship are as follows

Successful recipient of the Michael J. Bladon Scholarship will:
Stipulate that the scholarship be used to attend an education event in Canada and be someone without access to funding to normally attend such an event.
Apply by providing a one-page letter summarizing why they are a deserving candidate.
Supply a letter of support from their direct supervisor confirming the location of their employ.
Be actively employed in an environment where managing sport related turfgrass is part of their department’s work scope.
Be a Canadian resident.

The Michael J. Bladon Professional Development Scholarship will provide: 
$1,000 base
An additional $250 for anyone having to travel in excess of 600kms (round trip) but not more than 1200kms
An additional $250 for anyone having to travel in excess of 1201 kms
Scholarship maximum of $1,500 per annum supplied by the Bladon Family Trust

Michael was the founding president of Sports Turf Canada and believed that sports turf managers in Canada simply had to have access to an association of their own and the professional development that such an organization provides. He always felt that anyone working around sports turf would be best served by having opportunities to interact, share, educate and be educated. This scholarship serves to continue his passionate and lifelong mission.

For more information, contact Sports Turf Canada.