Turfgrass Links

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Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System of Canada – www.auduboninternational.org

Golf and Environment Initiative – www.golfandenvironment.com

Golf Environmental Organization – www.golfenvironment.org


Alberta Golf Superintendents Association - www.albertagsa.com

American Society of Golf Course Architects – www.asgca.org

BC Golf Association - www.bcga.org

BC Golf Superintendents Association - www.bcgsa.com

British and International Golf Greenkeeper’s Association – www.bigga.org.uk

Canadian Golf Superintendents Association - www.golfsupers.com

Canadian Society of Club Managers – www.cscm.org

First Green Organization - www.thefirstgreen.org 

Golf Course Superintendents Association of America - www.gcsaa.org

National Golf Course Owners Association – www.ngcoa.com

National Golf Foundation – www.ngf.org

Royal Canadian Golf Association – www.rcga.org

US Golf Association - www.usga.org

Western Washington Golf Course Superintendents Assn. - www.wwgcsa.org


Irrigation Association – www.irrigation.org

Irrigation Industry Association of BC – www.irrigationbc.com


BC Landscape Nursery Association – www.bclna.com

BC Society of Landscape Architects – www.bcsla.org

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association – www.canadanursery.com

Integrated Environmental Plant Management Association of Western Canada – www.iepma.ca

Integrated Vegetation Management Association of BC – www.ivma.com

International Society of Arboriculture – www.isa-arbor.com


International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association – www.igcema.org


BC Recreation & Parks Association – www.bcrpa.bc.ca

Northwest Turfgrass Association – www.nwturfgrass.net

Saskatchewan Turfgrass Association – www.saskturf.com

Sports Turf Canada - www.sportsturfcanada.com 

Sports Turf Managers Association - www.sportsturfmanager.org

Sod farmers:

Turfgrass Producers International – www.turfgrasssod.org


Agriculture Agri-Food Canada – www.agr.gc.ca/

BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands – www.gov.bc.ca/agri/

BC Ministry of Environment – www.gov.bc.ca/env/

Environment Canada – www.ec.gc.ca/

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs - http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/crops/hort/turf.html

Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency - www.hc-sc.gc.ca/pmra-arla/

US Environmental Protection Agency – www.epa.gov

WorkSafe BC – www.worksafebc.com

Turf Extension Services & Research:

Canadian Turf Research Foundation – http://www.turfresearchcanada.ca/

Colorado State University - http://www.extension.org/horticulture Cornell University - http://hort.cals.cornell.edu/

Guelph Turfgrass Institute – www.guelphturfgrass.ca/

Kansas State University - http://www.ksuturf.org/

Michigan State University Turfgrass Information File - http://turfweb.lib.msu.edu/starweb/login.htm

Michigan State University Turfgrass Science - http://www.turf.msu.edu/

Michigan Turfgrass Foundation - http://www.michiganturfgrass.org/

Ohio State University - http://buckeyeturf.osu.edu/

Ontario Turf Research Foundation – http://otrf.ca/

Penn State Department of Agronomy - http://plantscience.psu.edu/

Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre – http://www.oldscollege.ca/ptrc/home.html

Purdue Turfgrass - http://www.agry.purdue.edu/turf/index.html

Rutgers Cooperative Extension - http://njaes.rutgers.edu/garden/

Texas A&M - http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/

UMassAmherst - http://extension.umass.edu/turf/

University of Nebraska-Lincoln - http://ianrhome.unl.edu/

Washington State University - http://www.puyallup.wsu.edu/turf/

Turf Management Programs:

Kwantlen Polytechnic University – http://www.kpu.ca/hort/turf 

Olds College – www.oldscollege.ca

Oregon State University – www.oregonstate.edu/

Pennsylvania State University – www.psu.edu

University of Guelph – www.uoguelph.ca

Washington State University – www.wsu.edu/


Golfdom Magazine - http://www.golfdom.com/

Turf Magazine - http://www.turfmagazine.com/

Turf Line News - http://www.wcta-online.com/online-editions-of-turfline

Turf and Recreation - http://www.turfandrec.com/

Other Resources:

Evapotranspiration Data – www.farmwest.com

Lawn Institute – www.thelawninstitute.org

Turfnet – www.turfnet.com

The Weather Network – www.theweathernetwork.com