2021 Member Dues Prolific Payment Pace

update - Feb 2

2021 membership dues invoicing was a few weeks late but in the first 2½ weeks of the new year, we’ve had as many members make payment as the entire first quarter of last year!  

Thanks for taking care of your dues.  The pace has now slowed somewhat and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we struggled a little to get through the processing backlog.

If you haven’t taken care of your dues yet, we’re ready to go when you are, payment instructions are on the invoice.  A couple notes that may apply:

If invoices went to the wrong person last year, let us know who they should go to.
If you have any contact information changes and/or have changed jobs, let us know.
For multiple member facilities, tell us if there are any changes, hopefully additions😀, to your roster.

If you have questions regarding membership benefits, programs, activities of the association, becoming a board member or have any sort of feedback, please feel free to email or call.

All the best throughout 2021!

ps - don't forget to register for WOTS-UP! free for WCTA members.


Jerry Rousseau
Executive Director Western Canada Turfgrass Association
(604) 869-WCTA
toll free fax: 1-866-366-5097