2022 WCTA Annual General Meeting Notice


There is a venue change for the 59th Annual Western Canada Turfgrass Association Conference and Trade Show and therefore, a change in location for our Annual General Meeting.  There is no change to timing, however, we will now be at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, British Columbia.

Thursday, February 17, 2022
11:30am – 1:00pm
River Rock Casino Resort, Whistler Ballroom

The business of the annual general meeting shall include:

a) The Minutes of the previous year’s Annual General Meeting.
b) Report from the Board of Directors on the business of the preceding year.
c) Report of the Reviewed Financial Statements for the fiscal year.
d) Appointment of the Auditor for the next year.
e) Report of the Executive Director.
f) Special Resolutions and Ordinary Resolutions as may be presented.
g) The election of Officers and Directors for the succeeding year.
h) Other business as may be presented.

For Minutes from the 2021 Annual General Meeting CLICK HERE


2022 Election Prospectus:

Executive Officers: (all 2 year terms - elected in odd years)
President:  Gary Bartley, UBC Athletics
Vice President:  Stuart Carmichael, City of Courtenay
Past President:  Travis Olson, Kamloops Golf & Country Club
Finance Director:  (appointment of a duly elected Director - currently Davin Marr)

Director Nominees: (two X 2-year terms elected in odd years, 4 X 2-year terms elected in even years)
Andre Dionne, UBC Athletics (current Director)
Jed McGeachie, Overton Environmental (current Director)
Nathan Wade, Sunshine Coast Regional District (current Director)

Two Directors with 1 year remaining:
Davin Marr, Hillview Golf Course
John Perry, Poppy Estates Golf Course