2022 Member Dues Invoices Three Weeks Late

February 3, 2022

Dear WCTA Members,

As you know, our 2022 conference was moved then cancelled and we’ve put together an extra WOW webinar on Feb 17 to ensure CEC point opportunity availability and to hold our Annual General Meeting.

What you may not know is all those related efforts meant we were about three weeks later than usual getting member dues invoices sent.

Not to worry though, WCTA members have responded resoundingly!  In fact, it’s been incredibly busy in our office receiving and processing 2022 dues throughout January and we are right back on track – thanks to 60% of WCTA members who have taken care of this!

If you have not had an opportunity to submit 2022 dues, it would help tremendously as the association navigates another year without conference revenue and so we can focus on upcoming events like the Feb 17 WOW.

There are several ways to make payment - the quickest is giving Leslie Carnell a call with a credit card at (604) 372-3530.  If you have not received your dues invoice via email, please let Leslie know and we’ll get it sorted out.

Thank you for taking care of your 2022 member dues.  If you have any questions regarding membership benefits, programs, activities of the association, becoming a board member or have any sort of feedback, please feel free to contact Jerry Rousseau, WCTA Executive Director.