New Preferred Method of Payment: EFT and E-Transfer

Both consumers and credit card companies might be unhappy about it but credit card rules have recently changed and merchants now have the legal option to download transaction fees to purchasers.

While the WCTA is not currently looking to add a credit card surcharge or forego Paypal, we’re asking all our members to consider the use of direct deposit or e-transfer for payment of all invoices.

Credit card and Paypal use has steadily increased over the past 5 years, both charging an average of about 2.5% on each transaction.  Our highest annual total for transaction fees was a little over $8,600 (2017/2018) but admittedly, it’s been thought of as a sign of the times and a cost of doing business.

Times have changed and WCTA members can now change the way we do business.  Our first choice is direct deposit protocol between banks. For this, you need to setup the WCTA as a vendor with our banking information – we’ll send you the info at your request.  E-transfers work too and very easy to setup – for the recipient address use and please include your invoice# (no password is required).

Several municipalities and school districts have already moved to EFT’s but e-transfer remains quite rare.  Both are often low or no fee depending on the bank (at least for now) however the obvious drawback for consumers is the lack of rewards points.

While it’s not going to work for everyone, please consider setting up WCTA for direct deposit or e-transfer and of course, contact me directly with any questions.

Jerry Rousseau
Executive Director 
Western Canada Turfgrass Association