WCTA Member Dues Record Pace Updated

By Jerry Rousseau

Here at the WCTA office, we keep track of quite a few things including how quickly members pay their annual dues. This of course helps with budgeting, cash flow and time management among other things.

UPDATE to article below as of JANUARY 16:  the never-seen-before pace of dues payments continues into the first couple weeks of January with nearly 70% of WCTA members already taking care of their annual dues payment.  At 738 members strong, we haven't seen numbers like this since the early 2000's.  Thanks and keep it going full steam!

Over the past couple months, we’ve been busier than ever before and I’m happy to report a new record has been set for first quarter dues payments with 60.5% of members making their remittances by December 31st!  How does that stack up? 

2012 – 48.6%
2013 – 52.9%
2014 – 42%
2015 – 48.8%
2016 -  43.6%
2017 – 42%
2018 – 40%
2019 – 41.5%
2020 – 20%
2021 – 18.7%
2022 – 60.5%

Our goal is 50% by Dec 31st but admittedly, in some years we’re late getting invoices sent (like 2021 and 2022) which obviously makes a huge difference in all of this. 


So how does this make for better turf?  Well, it doesn’t really but it does make for a better, more efficient turf association which in turn means more time spent on member services including developing educational opportunities like the WOW webinars so yeah, I guess it does make for better turf.

Thank-you all WCTA members for your support!