Will the 2023 BC Turf Management Field Day Video Go Viral?

By Jerry Rousseau

In a first for the WCTA, at least during my tenure, we've been able to produce a short video of one of our events, the recently held â€™BC Turf Management Field Day' hosted by Nick Barbour, Darryl Jackson and the entire turf team at the District of North Vancouver.

When I say, "We were able to produce a short video," I really mean Darryl Jackson of the DNV who flew their drone during our event, has a good buddy who does video editing and combined with a bunch of stills taken by yours truly, spearheaded this side-of-desk project with some very impressive results at a truly bargain basement price ðŸ˜ (cost has always been the obstacle for this type of thing).

The one-minute short is definitely worth a look, cool factor is 10+:  https://vimeo.com/893620089/7bb0ea2e37   

On behalf of all WCTA members, I would like to once again thank Nick Barbour, the DNV crew and Darryl Jackson for taking this event on.  The video production is icing on the cake of one of the best events we've ever produced and it will make a huge impact on the success of future events, ie. attracting willing hosts, exhibitors, sponsors and of course delegate participation.

I hope Santa brings you all something really nice this year!