AGA-BC’s Environmental Advocacy Committee Report – March 2016

13.02.10-AGA-BC1On behalf of AGA-BC’s Environmental Advocacy Committee (EAC) I would like to present the following report.

1. The committee has selected a contractor to begin the process of revamping IPM Manual for turf grass Managers. We had 10 very qualified proposals from across the country and one from a US group. Mario Lanthier owner of CropHealth Services was awarded the contract due mainly on his experience in education and previous work with Ministry offices. Mario is regular speaker at our educational seminars and is also committed to obtaining field research throughout BC to better educate himself on turfgrass and provide a quality turfgrass manger’s IPM manual. Finished product to be completed mid to late summer 2016.

2. During the extended drought and nearing the height of the watering restriction in the GVRD our committee had met and discussed actions both immediate and longer term. Immediate discussions focused on consistent messaging to media, a statement regarding effective water use was made through AGA. Long term strategies included irrigation data from across the province, further examine California’s recent drought challenges and requesting opportunity to meet with the regional district to discuss allocation. GCSAA SW Field Representative Jeff Jansen, will be discussing, amongst other things, their advocacy efforts in California, Nevada and Arizona at 2016 WCTA conference.

3. Funding since Victoria 2015:
a. The Hon. Mary Polak, Minister of Environment. Langley, $15,000
b. BCGSA Provincial $5000
c. WCTA $5000

Thank You Contributors!!

4. Changes to legislation for pesticide use and water users affecting golf courses
a. Water; if you obtain your water from a well it will now need to be licensed and pay an annual “rental fee” similar to what surface water user must do now.
b. Water; All new surface and well water users will be required to install flow and maintain records, this could extend to existing licenses is this resource declines.
c. Water Sustainability Act has become law as of February 29, 2016.
d. Pesticides; all golf courses must have or hire a company who has, a pesticide use license and follow the IPM Act and Regulation
e. Pesticides; you must have a certified applicator
f. You must post signage prior to applications
g. New regulations begin July 1st 2016.

5. I have been asked by the BC NGCOA to speak at their regional Spring Warm Ups and update their member on changes to legislation. Dates confirmed so far are March 31st at Tsawwassen Springs Golf and on April 12th at The Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa. I will also pressure the NGCOA for donations to the EAC so the great work that has been accomplished by this committee can continue.

As always, please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions and thank you for your support.


Keith Lyall, EAC Chair