Western Canada Turfgrass Association Member Response to CBC’s “Dad and the Dandelions” – Request for Feedback

On February 17th, the WCTA sent an email letting all our members and contacts know that the March 2nd broadcast of CBC’s THE NATURE OF THINGS, focused on golf course use of pesticides.  According to the media preview, “there now exists a groundbreaking revelation uncovering the deceptively deadly nature of the golf course and the role of pesticides in maintaining its lethal beauty.”

The morning after the broadcast, the National Allied Golf Association released a ‘FAQ Document For Golf’ intended to support golf industry personnel if/when fielding questions and concerns from media, golfers, the public, etc, regarding the use of pesticides on golf courses in Canada.  We’ve been told the messaging is an interim measure and that a long term version, developed without the time pressures, is appropriate.

Using quite a bit of the NAGA document, the WCTA Board has created its own version of supporting messaging for its members and would like to invite your feedback.  The draft document can be found at the following link, keeping in mind it is a draft that could possibly see some revisions before finalization and official distribution.

WCTA Response - Dad and the Dandelions (draft)

Please forward your comments to feedback@wctaturf.com by 5:00pm, Friday, March 24th.  Thanks in advance for your feedback.

WCTA Board of Directors