Metro-Vancouver Water Management Plan Update

On January 10, golf industry personnel from throughout the Greater Vancouver area gathered at Riverway Golf Course in Burnaby for a BC Allied Golf Association town hall meeting designed to review the advocacy history between implementation of phase 3 water restrictions during the summer of 2015 and today, present a summary of the irrigation survey commissioned by AGA-BC aimed at fulfilling the regulator’s request for data, and to solicit input and direction from the golf industry at large for  implementation of water use management plans as an alternative to arbitrary restrictions based on the day, time or irrigated area.

Presenting were Jerry Rousseau, WCTA Executive Director, Jim Ross, Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre (retired) and Jamie Robb, BCGSA Vice President.

On the heels of that gathering, Metro has been in contact with the WCTA to discuss water management plan creation and implementation for the sportsfield sector.  While sand based sportsfields were previously exempt from stage 3 water restrictions, amendments to the rules state, “Restrict watering to 7:00 pm – 9:00 am in Stages 1, 2 and 3, unless operating under an approved local government water management plan.”

In search of a sportsfield water management plan template for sportsfields to use as a guide, we've been in touch with STMA via Sports Turf Canada and have begun contacting a few WCTA members.  Experience from the golf lobby effort will be helpful however certain differences require a slightly modified approach.

Message to our sportsfield members in all locations – we would be interested to know if you are currently operating under a water management plan and if so, we’d appreciate having a copy.  Please contact if you can assist.