BC Annual Pesticide Use Reports Due January 31

If you are a pesticide licence holder in British Columbia, do not forget to file your annual use report for 2023 by January 31, 2024.

CLICK HERE to file

What's needed:

  -  licence #, licence holder name, general contact information
  -  tally of your individual applications for the year by product name and total quantity used

Need to know:

  -  Each licensee must submit a single annual use report. If you operate out of multiple locations, please combine all pesticide use in one report
  -  You must submit a report each year a licence is held even if no pesticides were used during that calendar year
  -  Enter information accurately.  A common mistake is recording an incorrect P.C.P Act Registration Number.  Incorrect P.C.P. Act Registration Numbers will not be accepted
  -  Record each separate pesticide product on a separate line, even if the products were used in a tank mix.
  -  Report quantities used in kilograms (not jugs, cases, "mL", "grams", "rods", etc.). For this report you may consider 1 L of product to weigh 1 kg.
  -  Record the amount used from the product container before mixing (i.e. pesticide directly from container). Do not report diluted quantities (i.e. pesticide + water). Do not report the quantity of active ingredient.
  -  Report all non-excluded class, federally-labelled COMMERCIAL, AGRICULTURAL, FORESTRY, INDUSTRIAL, and RESTRICTED pesticide use over the last calendar year (January 1 ’ December 31).
  -  Do not report EXCLUDED pesticide used. Refer to Schedule 2 of the IPM Regulation for the list of excluded pesticides

More information can be found at the following link: