Superintendent Mobilizes Membership And Province

12.02.01-Larry-Olson 200In a recent open letter, Larry Olson, Superintedent from the Penticton G&CC sought to be bring the urgent nature of the current pesticide debate to his club’s members. This action led to numerous other individuals and groups throughout the province to send out their own messages. Here is Olson’s call to action... 

Urgent Message To Members and Staff of the Penticton Golf & Country Club November 9, 2011

The Province of British Columbia is currently conducting a consultation exercise to determine if it should adopt legislation prohibiting the use of all pesticides. Without the use of fungicides (which are pesticides) snow mold would wipe out our golf course every winter leaving us with terrible playing conditions and costly repairs every spring. The disease damage would vary from year to year depending on the weather, as would the recovery time. I would anticipate on an average year that it would take us until mid-June to get back to the conditions that you have grown accustomed to.

The consultation process is only open until December 16, 2011 and the golf industry needs your help to ensure that golf courses will not be prevented from using these products.

Although we make every effort to have the strongest stand of turf possible by practicing good IPM (integrated plant management) there are times when it is necessary to use pesticides. Even with the best water management, topdressing, aerifying, fertility and mowing practices in order to maintain acceptable playing conditions, pesticides are needed. In fact there are some fungal diseases that if left untreated can wipe out a green in as little as 24 hours. All pesticides used at the Penticton Golf and Country Club are federally registered products approved for use on golf courses and these products are applied only by provincially licensed professionals.
12.02.01-Olson-1-453Damage From Animals Digging For Insect Grubs In Turfgrass Over Night And Pythium Root Rot Turf Disease.
Our position at the Penticton Golf and Country Club with respect to pesticide use is that registered products used by licensed technicians pose no unacceptable risk when used according to manufacturers’ directions. Because pesticides are very expensive they are used only as a last resort to save turf.
12.02.01-Olson02-453Fusarium (Snow Mold) Damage On Putting Green And Tee Deck And Fairways.
As your superintendent I am asking for your support in making your voice heard to the provincial government to let them know all of the reasons why golf is important to you, the benefits to the environment, the economy and the charitable components of our province. You are invited to participate in the consultation by completing an on-line questionnaire or by sending a written submission to the Committee. Following the consultation, the Committee will issue a report to the Legislative Assembly recommending possible changes to provincial laws concerning the use and sale of pesticides.

Thank you, and please, if you value your playing conditions, get involved BEFORE December 16, 2011. Go to:

Larry Olson, Superintendent at Penticton Golf and Country Club can be reached at or 250-492-2819