2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes

12.04.24-WCTAlogo-grassonly.jpgANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
52nd Annual WCTA Conference & Trade Show
11:30 am Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Fairmont Empress Crystal Ballroom, Victoria, BC

1.    Call to order
• President Trevor Smith called the meeting to order at 11:30am, introduced the Board of Directors and Past Presidents.
• Quorum A quorum of 192 members present.
• Necrology Report A moment of silence was observed for WCTA members:
     • Freda Warner, Association Secretary 1975-1980
     • Ken Warner, WCTA president 1975 & 1980 then Executive Director
     • Peter Bysouth, Superintendent Mable Lake GC

M/S/C D. Marr / T. Buckner; approval of AGM agenda.    

M/S/C T. Buckner / D. Duncan; to approve minutes of the AGM February 19, 2014 as printed in Vol. 237 June/July 2014 Turf Line News.

3.  PRESIDENT'S REPORT – Trevor Smith Given orally.
• Planning for future, important to have solid foundation.
• Gone to a committee structure, 5-6 committees, versus individual portfolios.

4. FINANCIAL REPORT 2014 Fiscal Year End (Sept 30, 2014)
• Balance in bank accounts
     o General operating: $35,857.41
     o Research $5,006.92
     o Term Deposits $114,942

M/S/C T. Buckner / S. Mitchell; that September 30, 2014 year end Statement of Revenues and Expenditures be adopted as reviewed by Evancic Perrault Robertson, Certified General Accountants, and circulated at the AGM.

M/S/C D. Marr / K. Hewlett; that Evancic Perrault Robertson, Certified General Accountants, be appointed to review WCTA financial statements for fiscal year ending September 30, 2015.

5.    RESEARCH REPORT Given orally by Peter Sorokovsky (full report posted online).
• Thanks to committee members and donors.  Major contributors include BCGSA, KPU Turf Club, Dave Duncan of THP.
• CTRF/ OTRF had record of 18 submissions for project funding.
• WCTA will be contributing $15k to U of Guelph for 2015. 

An overview of committee status was given orally by Trevor Smith.
• Over the past year, the following committees have been setup: Governance, Strategic Planning, Membership Development & Programing and Professional Development.

• Presentation of Life Member Award – Jim O’Connor
• Marilyn Payne, MPC Consulting – provided overview of the Constitution & Bylaw amendment process undertaken by the WCTA Governance Committee. • Special resolution to amend WCTA Constitution and Bylaws brought forward by motion of WCTA President Trevor Smith, seconded by Vice President Brett Finlayson on behalf of the Board of Directors.

M/S/C T. Buckner / B. Finlayson; that special resolutions be approved in blocks.

M/S/C T. Buckner / D. Duncan; to accept as presented special resolutions 1 through 6.

M/S/C T. Buckner / D. Marr; to accept as presented special resolutions 7.5 through 7.12.

M/S/C J. Bennett / M. Schellenberg; to accept as presented special resolutions 8 through 13.

M/S/C L. Olson / K. Hewlett; to accept special resolution 7.1 composition of the Board of Directors.

M/S/C T. Buckner / R. Johnstone; to accept all remaining special resolutions in their entirety.

M/S/C T. Buckner / K. Hewlett; to accept special resolution 14, final approval of all resolutions as written for submission to Corporate Registrar.


Brett Finlayson (Olympic View Golf Course)
Trevor Smith (Keso Turf Supplies)

Vice President:
Jason Pick (Olds College)

Directors with 1 year remaining:
Norley Calder (Sagebrush Golf & Sporting Club)
Stan Kazymerchyk (Kwantlen University)
Casey O’Conner (Turf Canada)
Peter Sorokovsky (City of Burnaby)
Frits Verkerk (Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Course)

Directors to be elected (2 years):
Travis Olson (Kamloops Golf & CC)
Brett Lamontagne (Mid-Island Landscape Consulting)
Jim Ross (Olds College) nominated from the floor
Tab Buckner (Township of Langley) nominated from the floor

Past President:
Keith Lyall (Sun Peaks Resort)

Trevor Smith thanked everyone for attending.

11.  ADJOURNMENT 1:00pm M/S/C T. Buckner / D. Marr