Introducing the New WCTA Board of Directors

Over 60 WCTA members attended the 2017 Annual General Meeting held Friday, February 17th at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre.  With an equal number of nominees for Officer and Directors as there were positions open, the new Board was established by acclamation.  A personal note to the new Board from the WCTA President, Peter Sorokovsky, follows.










Peter Sorokovsky
City of Burnaby, Parks, Rec & Cultural Services
(604) 297-4494 















Norley Calder
City of Calgary Parks
(403) 268-8484 









Travis Olson
Kamloops Golf and Country Club
(250) 319-4669 







Davin Marr
Hillview Golf Course
(250) 549-4653








Andre Dionne
City of Coquitlam
(604) 927-6246









Stan Kazymerchyk
KPU Turf Management
(604) 599-3295  










Frits Verkerk
Gallagher's Canyon Golf Course
(250) 861-4040










Cameron Watt
Redwoods Golf Course
(778) 840-8161








Jason Pick
Olds College
(403) 556-8243

Jerry Rousseau
Box 698
Hope, B.C
V0X 1L0
(604) 869-9282 O
1-866-366-5097 F

Leslie Carnell

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2017 WCTA Board of Directors Welcome

Congratulations, to returning and to new directors. Special recognition and thanks to Jason Pick, our now Past President, for steering the ship thru, at times, rough waters in the past year.  Also, congratulations to Norley Calder for your election to the Vice President’s position. We have a familiar Board this year along with two new additions, welcome Davin Marr, Andre Dionne, and of course returning Directors. In advance, I want to thank you all for your service and leadership to our industry in the coming year.

This past year was, as Jason put it, “one for the books”.  Faced with two conferences in BC, the WCTA as usual has done itself proud with a very successful show in Penticton. Thank you again for your participation and leadership throughout the conference and tradeshow. I believe we have shown all sectors of our industry how valuable and important the WCTA is in British Columbia, and across Canada.

The strength of any association is based on its foundation and the WCTA is built on pillars of granite, in people (our board and our membership), Communication, Research, and Education. More recently, Advocacy and Outreach have also helped set us apart from other organizations.  Our pillars help steer the association via you the Directors and our executive director (and team) in these difficult and competitive times.

We will continue to offer the best value possible as we deliver conferences like we just had, communications like the Turf Line News, and deliver programs like CEC tracking.  I will steal words from Jason and say “These services have illustrated significant reach and influence throughout Western Canada, where few would argue the WCTA leads the way in addressing the key issues and overcoming challenges for the betterment of all in the turfgrass industry”.   

Our peers have nominated us to represent them and to ensure we continue to provide an association of great value. We have a weighty responsibility to carry on what past Directors have initiated and to develop new paths for future directors. We can make a difference in our industry.

Welcome aboard, time to get to work.

Best Regards,

Peter Sorokovsky