2020 AGM Minutes

57th Annual WCTA Conference & Trade Show
11:30am – 12:30pm, Wednesday, February 12, 2020, Whistler Room, River Rock Casino Resort


    • President Travis Olson called the meeting to order at 11:50am, introduced the Board of Directors and Past Presidents.
    • Quorum was met with 183 members present.

M/S/C D. Duncan / T. Buckner; to approve AGM Agenda  


M/S/C T. Yez / C. Iverson to adopt minutes of the AGM February 21, 2019


    • Necrology Report - A moment of silence was observed for WCTA Members and turf industry colleagues:
          o Mike Warriner
          o Al Feenstra
          o Mike Kupchanko
          o Dirk Oostindie

4. NOMINATING COMMITTEE REORT - Presented by Committee Chair, Peter Sorokovsky

Travis Olson (Kamloops Golf Club)

Vice President:
Cameron Watt (UBC Athletics)

Directors with 1 year remaining:
Davin Marr (Hillview GC)
Stuart Carmichael (City of Courtenay)

Directors to be elected (2 years):
Gary Bartley (UBC Athletics)
Jesse Cowan (Gallagher’s Canyon GC)
Andre Dionne (City of Coquitlam)
Jed McGeachie (Overton Environmental)

Past President (2 years):
Peter Sorokovsky (City of Burnaby)

5. FINANCIAL REPORT 2019 Fiscal Year End (Sept 30, 2019) - Presented by Andre Dionne, Finance Director 

     Balance in bank accounts
          o General operating: $49,628.97
          o Research $21,729.89
          o Term Deposits $100,472.82

M/S/C J. Pick / T. Yez that September 30, 2019 year end Statement of Revenues and Expenditures be adopted as reviewed by Evancic Perrault Robertson, Certified General Accountants, and circulated at the AGM. 

M/S/C T. Buckner / D. Duncan that a ‘Request for Proposals’ to perform the annual financial review for the fiscal year October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020 is circulated to at least three certified public accounting firms, including the current firm (EPR), with appointment to be made by the Board within 90 days of AGM.

6. RESEARCH REPORT - Given orally by Peter Sorokovsky, Research Chair.

    • The “Give me 5 bucks” initiative has raised over $2,500 over the past 4 years
    • This year over $20,000 was raised through various efforts
    • 2020 project funding to include annual CTRF contribution and ‘Efficacy of Trichoderma fungal bio-control agents for snow mold control in turfgrass’ by Michelle Franklin and Deborah Henderson through KPU. 
    • Also will be sponsoring “Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases” 4th edition for $3000


    • KPU – Stan Kazymerchyk
          o Enrollment is down, may suspend 2020 enrollment

    • First Green – David Phipps
          o Going really well in the USA, great to have more events in Canada

    • BCGSA – Paul Robertson
          o Fall Exchange Tournament at Copper Point 

    • Awards and Recognition
          o Student Awards
             - Cody Little, Olds College $1000 
             - Patricia Sloan, TRU $750
             - Nathan Hagel , KPU $750

          o Life Member Awards
             David Davidson
             Dave Gottselig


Special Resolutions to amend bylaws – Travis Olson

1) To strike and amend as both have been satisfied:

      4.1.1 The management of the association shall be vested in a Board of Directors consisting of elected Directors as listed, plus the Past President:
   Vice President
   Seven (7) Directors-at-Large for 2015-2016
   Six (6) Directors-at-Large for 2016-2017 and forward

2) To add for director nomination deadline:

      4.1.3 Each Director’s term of office is two years from the AGM of election to the 2nd AGM thereafter.
   The President, Vice President and two Directors-at-large shall normally be elected in odd years. Four Directors-at-large shall be normally elected in even years.
   Director nominations will close 30 days prior to the AGM. 

M/S/C T. Buckner / D. Duncan to strike, amend as both have been satisfied and to add for director nomination deadline. 


Thanks all for attending and supporting the WCTA.  

10. ADJOURNMENT 12:30pm 

M/S/C   T. Buckner / B. Macgillvray to adjourn