2022 AGM Minutes

2:00 pm Thursday, February 17, 2022
Online via Zoom

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President Gary Bartley called the meeting to order at 2:13pm, introduced the Board of Directors and Past Presidents.
Quorum A quorum of 35+ WCTA members was met (116 in attendance).
M/S/C C. Iverson / D. Marr to approve AGM Agenda.  

M/S/C D. Marr / A. Dionne to adopt minutes of the AGM February 11, 2021.

Thanks to the current Board of Directors and those that have served on board, staff, and committees for their support.
Looking favorable to produce some live events this year.
Necrology report – Moment of silence for WCTA members and Turf Industry Colleagues
  o Ken Elliott, City of Richmond, Feb 2021
  o Gary Perks, March 2021
  o Sally Ross, OGSA, July 2021
  o Graham Drew, founding WCTA Member, July 2021
  o Dan Kitsul, January 2022

4.  FINANCIAL REPORT 2021 Fiscal Year End (Sept 30) - Presented by Davin Marr, Finance Director
Deficiency of $25,226.00
Operation deficiency $13,185
Research deficiency of $12,041.00
Balance in bank accounts 
  o General operating: $22,156.82
  o Research $45,052.04
  o Term Deposits $102,217.21
Adopt Sept 30, 2021 year-end Statement of Revenues and Expenditures
M/S/C P. Sorokovsky / K. Hewlett to adopt financial report as presented.

5.  RESEARCH REPORT - Presented by Jerry Rousseau (full report)
$26,373 was raised in 2021
Currently funding:
CTRF Cooperative Funding
  - PROJECT LENGTH: multiple / varies
Efficacy of Trichoderma Fungal Biocontrol Agents for the Control of Snow Mold Disease in Turfgrass, Michelle Franklin and Deborah Henderson, Institute of Sustainable  Horticulture at KPU
  - PROJECT LENGTH: 1.5 years
  - WCTA COMMITMENT: $12,000 ($6000 posted in 2021, project complete and fully paid out)
Effects of Plant Growth Regulators on Putting Green Aerification Recovery,Alec Kowaleski, OSU
  - PROJECT LENGTH: 2 years
  - WCTA COMMITMENT: $15,000 USD for 1st year
Enhancing Turfgrass Carbon Sequestration to Improve Sustainability and Market Access, Alec Kowaleski, OSU
  - PROJECT LENGTH: 2 years
  - WCTA COMMITMENT: partnering 50/50 with QTRF, total value $15,000 USD (our share is $7500)
Portion of member dues: $12,507
Transfer from previous year surplus: $3,289
2021 Silent Auction contributors: $5,387
CTRF – WCTA responsible for administration and driving national fundraising initiative.

GCSAA – David Phipps, held a successful conference 6,500 attendees in San Diego. First green seminar and field trip was sold out.
STC – Kudos to Tab Buckner for his work offering online courses. 

Presentation of Life Member Award(s)
  o Ted De Crom

8.  NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT - Presented by Committee Chair, Travis Olson
President: Gary Bartley (UBC Athletics)
Vice President:  Stuart Carmichael (City of Courtenay)
Directors with 1 year remaining: 
Davin Marr (Hillview GC)
John Perry (Poppy Estates GC)
Directors to be elected (2 years):
Andre Dionne (UBC Athletics) - ELECTED
Jed McGeachie (Overton Environmental) - ELECTED
Nathan Wade (Sunshine Coast Regional District) - ELECTED
Everett Nieuwkoop (BrettYoung)
Curtis Zanussi (SD#36 Surrey) - ELECTED
Past President (2 years): Travis Olson (Kamloops GC)

Thanks all for attending and supporting the WCTA. 

10. ADJOURNMENT 3:01pm
M/S/C   K. Hewlett / D. Marr to adjourn