Introducing the 2022/2023 WCTA Board of Directors

116 WCTA members joined us for our 2022 Annual General Meeting, held via Zoom on Thursday, February 17 during another one of our semi-world-famous WOW webinar installments.  With more nominees than open positions, an election was required, which is a good thing!  

Before welcoming the new 2022/2023 Board of Directors, we would like to thank the outgoing Directors for their volunteer service including Cam Watt of UBC Athletics, who left the industry in early 2021 and Jesse Cowan from Gallagher's Canyon Golf Course, who also left the industry this past fall.

Your 2022/2023 WCTA Board of Directors is as follows:

President:                Gary Bartley, UBC Athletics
Vice President:        Stuart Carmichael, City of Courtenay
Past President:        Travis Olson, Kamloops Golf Club
Two Year Directors:  Andre Dionne, UBC Athletics
                                 Jed McGeachie, Overton Environmental
                                 Nathan Wade, Sunshine Coast RD
                                 Curtis Zanussi, SD#36 Surrey
One Year Directors:  Davin Marr, Hillview Golf Course (Finance Director)
                                 John Perry, Poppy Estates Golf Course


Thanks also to Everett Nieuwkoop from BrettYoung for putting his name forward as a Director nominee.


Gary Bartley, UBC Athletics

Stu Carmichael, City of Courtenay

Travis Olson, Kamloops Golf Club


 Davin Marr, Hillview Golf Course


 Andre Dionne, UBC Athletics


Jed McGeachie, Overton Environmental


Nathan Wade, Sunshine Coast Regional District


John Perry, Poppy Estates Golf Course

Curtis Zanussi, SD#36 Surrey