2013 Call for Board of Director Nominations

200P WCTA_BOARD_logoFrom Scott Mitchell, WCTA Past President & Nominating Committee Chair

In preparation for the Annual General Meeting taking place March 5th, 2013 in Penticton, BC, members of the Western Canada Turfgrass Association are invited to offer nominations for vacancies on the WCTA Board of Directors. 

Any member in good standing may put their name forward for open Board positions.  More candidates than open positions will force an election which is a good thing.  If fewer candidates come forward than there are Board vacancies, the positions will be filled through an election by the Board of Directors.

The nomination deadline is February 13th.  This allows enough time to include candidates in the printed conference program.  Nominations for open positions can also be made from the floor during the Annual General Meeting.  Each candidate will have an opportunity to present themselves (2-3 minutes) during the AGM.

13.02.09-board.nomination.table copy

• Four of these positions are two-year terms as Director; Directors at the end of their term who have let their name stand for re-election are as follows:

Mike Schellenberg, Calgary Board of Education
Brett Lamontagne, Mid-Island Landscaping
Brett Finlayson, Arbutus Ridge Golf Course
Jason Pick, Olds College

• Up to three of these positions are one-year Director terms to fill positions being vacated

 Also to be elected are the positions of President and Vice President, both 1 year terms.  Candidates put forward are:

President – Keith Lyall, Sun Peaks Resort (current Vice President)
Vice President – Trevor Smith, Keso Turf (current Director with 1 year term remaining)
Past President (non-elected) – Tab Buckner, Township of Langley

How do I sign up?
Simply send me an email putting your name forward along with answers to the following questions:

1) We often hear members say they didn’t vote for someone because they didn’t know them.  Please provide a brief description about yourself in a short paragraph:

 2) How long have you been a WCTA member and in what capacity, ie. golf course, sportsfield, schools, mechanic, hort, industry, other?

 3) List any previous Board experience you’ve had.

 4) How do you feel about the following key issues in the turf industry:
• Pesticides
• State of the economy
• Other (your choice)

 5) Can you provide 2 or 3 ideas on how to improve the WCTA?

 6) Any further comments?

 We will post candidate names and answers to the above questions on our website and publish in the conference edition of the Turf Line News.  If you wish to include a photo of yourself for publication, feel free to do so. 

 Due to print deadlines, nominations must be received by February 13th, 2013.



Scott Mitchell
Western Canada Turfgrass Association 2012 – 2013 Past President
Tel: 604.614-7875
Email:  smitchell@targetproducts.com