From the President - Final Thoughts

15.03.02-Trevor.Smith.imageIn Past President’s messages, I felt it important to try and diversify the topics and to raise issues that need to be addressed.

As this will be my last message as President, I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the staff and Board of Directors of the WCTA.  This is a group of dedicated and involved individuals from all areas of the golf and sports turf management industry, working together to assist the membership.

I have observed these individuals approach all issues with openness and transparency.  There have been many fierce conversations at Board meetings but through reason and mutual respect, all have been resolved.  Each Director  has proven to be his or her own person and to approach every meeting and issue with integrity.

Over the past few years there have been many accomplishments:

The constitution and bylaws were thoroughly examined, changes made and accepted at the last AGM. This was an arduous task but one that was sorely needed.

We have been able to drive a collaborative and effective presence on the Board of the Allied Golf Association of BC and in doing so, developed a great rapport with government and other associations involved in the game of golf. This relationship has created much advancement in dealing with pesticide issues, water issues and existing government issues that ultimately affect all our members

We syndicated the “First Green”, a program developed in Washington for the advancement of children’s golf awareness.  This program has been adopted and is funded by the USGA, and utilizes the STEM teaching concept, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Both the Minister of Environment and the Minister of Education have endorsed the First Green concept.  A very successful event was held at the Redwoods Golf Course with the Minister of Environment, Mary Polak, in attendance and a number of School District superintendents. It would appear that future events will be well accepted by the school system.

The past few years in this business has been difficult in many ways.  The  leaders of an association must be aware of the challenges facing the members of that association and be prepared to assist and provide leadership when change comes. The world has changed, should we? Do we have to because someone tells us we have to? Maybe we need to go back to the basics and learn again from there?

Here are a few parting thoughts.  Embrace technology but don’t let it rule you, find a mentor, someone who you respect and in turn the respect will follow.  Find the combination of technology, compassion and respect and with it, will follow your success.

It is an amazing business this business of growing grass. Respect it and it will respect you!

Trevor Smith
President, WCTA