Message from the President - Fall 2016

16.01.14-Jason. PickIn this report, I am very pleased to share news that our association has taken great strides in advancing our presence in the turfgrass industry and has begun what may add an encompassing vision and direction to our association.  We continue to be proactive, strategically planning our future as an association in an ever-evolving industry. 

As unpredictable as the seasons and our jobs within them, we need to take a calculated approach to the changing climate which affects our profession.  As a guiding focus of our upcoming conference, we’ll take the opportunity to look into this future, and together, formulate a proactive approach to inevitable change.   

As a Board, we have taken a look further than our association, deeply considering the future of our industry, and made some profound realizations.  Certainly recognized as an industry of dedicated and educated professionals, we have successfully elevated our knowledge and professionalism in the workplace with many years of progressive educational programs and events.  Well respected and compensated for our skill and experience, we are educated and hardworking individuals who perform valuable services for our employers, members, players and users. 

With all that we’ve achieved, are we where we need to be?  Can we further elevate ourselves, our profession and our industry?  How would we do that? 

With a calculated and science based approach to answer these essential questions, we are embarking on a long term solution which speaks to the future of our industry. Recognition by the public, that the value of turfgrass in our communities is as crucial as those professionals that manage it, may provide stability for all sectors in the future.

We realize that our education and programs must progress beyond traditional borders.  We must engage our owners, club managers, customers, patrons, and public with a more comprehensive message focusing on the benefits of turf.   By elevating its awareness in our communities, we may bridge the many misconceptions about turfgrass, and illustrate its, and our, importance.

With your help, we can shape our future. Share your knowledge and promote the value of turfgrass with your friends and neighbors using resources like the CTRF’s ‘Environmental Benefits of Turfgrass Poster’ or the ‘Grass Roots Initiative’ where the first sentence simply states, “Turfgrass has a major impact on our quality of life.”  Together, we’ll extend the education and experience with a clear objective and support you with science. 

With gratitude,
Jason Pick