Final Message from the 2016/2017 President

It is my pleasure to report on the activities and accomplishments of the Western Canada Turfgrass Association through the 2016 operating year. Thank-you in advance for those attending our conference in Penticton, and to our distributors who recognize the value in committing to this venue.  Supporting the advance of our purpose; your participation has proven once again to drive this association’s success.

This year has been one of renewal and change. Reflecting upon and embracing an evolution of our industry, we are continually reminded why the WCTA is recognized as a leader among associations.  Attributable to the foresight of our predecessors, we have remained committed to their mandate and vision, rewarded today by the insightful need for inclusion as a long term necessity for growth and sustainability.

Recognizing the exceptional commitment of our directors and the unwavering support of our members and distributors, I’ll briefly summarize a few notable achievements since the 53rd Annual WCTA Conference and Trade Show last year in Whistler, BC.
●  $23,495 was raised for 2017 turf research funding
● The first ever 'First Green Sportsfield Edition' - took place May 26, 2016
● The first Calgary Sportsfield research day was held in partnership with Sports Turf Canada
● Advocacy efforts helped shape a favorable outcome in new BC IPM Regulations coming into effect July 1st. 
● The WCTA awarding of the Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation administration
● Membership growth by 88 members
● Revenue surplus of operating forecast
● Renewed social media presence

Humbly reporting these accomplishments, be reminded you are the true reason for this association's success.  As a Board, we are privileged to be acting on your behalf, sponsoring research, educating the next generation and ensuring the tools of our trade remain both available and effective.  For your inspiration to advance the turfgrass profession, stimulate discussion, and to make your living both a hobby and a distraction, thank you for the opportunity to act in your best interest.  It has been my pleasure and honor to serve you as president.

With gratitude,
Jason Pick