Message from the President - A Year to Complain About

I feel like a broken record that is stuck on complain, but it feels like this year might be a year to complain about. First a winter for the record books in the lower mainland of BC.

Then a spring where I think you could hear the disease growing, but the silver lining was it was perfect weather for turf recovery, and now a summer starts with a state of emergency for fire activity in the interior of BC. Let’s hope and pray that we all stay safe thru this stretch of another difficult season. One thing for sure, and I hope this does not sound trite, things will eventually improve and we will get thru this season just like we got thru the last one.

During this past winter there were many struggles and many of our membership struggled with loss of turf and worse, loss of life. We remember those who made our industry better and realize that they too went thru loss but came out on the other side and made a difference for the better. We will all struggle with loss in our lives but we must all realize that it is best not to deal with it alone. As I have always said, and it applies to life more than anything else, we are stronger together. We can learn from our struggles and that by working together we can come out the other side of our struggles stronger.

The other thing I hope we can realize is that seasons are there for reasons. Some are for rest, some are for troubles and loss, some are for growth and gain, but whatever they present before you, they still do not last forever. So if it is personal loss you are dealing with, know that life will get better with time, as they say time heals all wounds. If it is turf loss like what the lower mainland dealt with this winter, it will improve with time. Most everyone’s turf is good and recovered.

When I look at the root growth cycle of cool season grasses, I notice that just like life there are peaks and valleys.  There are times when they grow well and there are times when they struggle; a very apt metaphor for life. Well, enough of the philosophy of life and although 2017 has had a tough start, there are better days ahead.

Chin up everyone, there is always a silver lining.

WCTA President,
Peter Sorokovsky