Presidents Message for April 2018

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who attended our 2018 Annual conference and tradeshow starting with all the vendors who sponsored events at our show and all who took a booth and of course all the delegates who attended.

Also, thanks to all the volunteers who help make the show run seamlessly, especially the KPU student who raised almost $4K for research. Thanks to all the WCTA staff who spent countless hours making the show possible. 

Thanks to Point Grey Golf Course for hosting the preconference seminars and even though the weather put a stop to the research fundraiser, golf was still had by some as the weather broke and the course opened in the afternoon. Thanks to the volunteers that made the hockey game great, even though the good guys lost. 

As usual we had a fantastic line up of speakers that delivered a world class education program. Thanks to the City of Richmond and Mayfair Lakes Golf Course for acting like the gracious hosts they are, and who could forget the venue, thanks to the River Rock Casino for a wonderful facility and great staff. 

So regarding the venue, it really was an easy decision to return to the River Rock in 2019.  For all those who stayed to the end of the show on Friday when we asked them if we should come back next year, the answer was an overwhelming YES! I have received soooooo much positive feedback, that to go anywhere else would be crazy.  It also helped to have BC’s largest casino as our venue with so many other amenities, along with a world class education program, over 50 companies exhibiting and several awesome networking activities, the 2018 WCTA Annual Conference held at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC was the best attended show in the past 5 years. 

The only negative feedback that was heard was the date of the conference, February 14th, so we heard your voice and the WCTA Board has made the final decision and the River Rock has been booked for February 20-22, 2019, one week later than the 2018 event.

So with 2017, a year to forget, and the great WCTA conference of 2018 in the rear view mirror, I am reminded of how valuable volunteerism is.  So lastly, I want to thank the WCTA Board of Directors who have committed their time and talents to giving back to the industry. Without volunteers, associations like ours would not be able to service members as well as the WCTA does. It is your Board of Directors who work on behalf of the membership to put on an annual WCTA conference, field days, network events, etc….. 

I said this last message, but it is worth saying again, I hope you think that 2018 is going to be a good year for you to learn more, educate those around you about the “VALUE OF TURF”, support your local associations, and donate your time and talents to the benefit of our great industry. If you have not volunteered for a board or a committee in your industry, I strongly recommend you to consider this rewarding service to your industry.

Peter Sorokovsky
WCTA President