Message from the WCTA President – June/July 2020

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, it’s interesting to look back to just a few months ago and realize how much we have overcome already.  We were all likely wondering what effect a pandemic would have on our communities, our economy, and even our own turf industry. 

With all the uncertainty, many of us were faced with facility closures, and layoffs with no clarity about when we would return.  New rules for social distancing in our facilities and in public became the norm.  Grocery store workers, truck drivers, and healthcare workers were suddenly some of the most important people in our community.  People started stockpiling toilet paper for some reason.  Looking back, it has been a strange and stressful time for many of us. 

We all found solace through these unprecedented times with different coping mechanisms.  I tried to focus on the positives and searched for the silver lining.  I began to relish the idea of maintaining a golf course without any golfers.  Many of us have often joked that we would have the best job in the world if it wasn't for the golfers!  But it was not to be.  The closures were only temporary.  After a few weeks, golfers returned; making divots and ball marks, driving carts through the roped off areas, and asking questions about their lawn at home while making jokes about digging for gold.  Golfers. 

My friends in sports fields have echoed many of these same sentiments; with no players on the fields, goal mouths have never looked better and there is less of a time crunch before the field is in use.  Finally, a chance to get out to the fields and make some real improvements, but just like everything else, the user groups are slowly returning to ruin our day!

But again, let’s focus on the positives.  As our facilities open back up for use, so are many other things: restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs!  Personal services like barbers and hair salons are open, and it’s a good thing since we all had some pretty wild covid hair going on (well, those of us who have hair).  As we emerge from the depths of covid quarantine, I hope we have all been able to get some professional grooming to help us return to our normal appearances.  Zoom meetings can only disguise so much.

Though we still face a great deal of uncertainty in our world right now, keeping a positive attitude through uncertainty can help us navigate through these strange times.  There will be more challenges to overcome as we move forward and focusing on the positives will not always be easy.  Reaching out to one another to catch up has become so much more important.  I know I will really be missing the regional BCGSA meetings this year, and not seeing being able to see many of my colleagues. 

Looking ahead, I think it’s possible this pandemic will bring about a lot of positive change to many aspects in our lives.  I believe that this is already happening.  Isolation can cause certain things in our lives to become amplified.  As we become aware of these aspects, we are presented with an opportunity to make improvements.  Whether it is in our personal lives or our professional lives, this pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate ourselves and the world around us.  I, for one, hope we never see another bunker rake on a golf course!