Message from the WCTA President - August 2021

Presidents Message
August 2021

by Gary Bartley, UBC Athletics

It has been an interesting and challenging summer for most of us.  From record dry, to fire and smoke and the continuation of COVID with a bit of resurgence in the Okanagan, everyone has been given more challenges to face.  I hope that this message finds everyone healthy and safe.

Gary Bartley, right with Carl Valentine of the Vancouver Whitecaps at the 2020 River Rock Conference.  Credit Mayowill Photography

The Board, Jerry and staff have been working on several initiatives as the summer has progressed.  

The planning has started on the Annual Conference for February.  It will be held at the Penticton Lakeside Resort, February 16-18, 2022.  This location falls inline with the Board's commitment for last years cancelled conference.  

The Pat Dooley Memorial Golf Tournament, to be held at Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club on Friday October 8th, will be combined with a Field Day this year.  The Field Day will be held in the morning with an education session, sponsor presentation, lunch for morning attendees and an outdoor turf equipment demo.  This is all followed by golf, banquet and prizes.  The field day and education will be open to all members and does not have to include golf.  Those that want to attend just the Field Day are more than welcome to come and take part in the education and networking for the first time in a long 16 months.   

The WOW series will have additional sessions tentatively scheduled for late September, late November and late January.  CEC’s will be offered in one or more of these sessions.  Final content and timing are still being worked out so please check the website and/or watch your email inbox for updates and registration details for these events.  

The WCTA continues to work with Sports Turf Canada with advertising their online Turf Management and Synthetic Management Courses.  WCTA members and others in Western Canada have been very active in taking these courses.  This shows that there is a need for Sports Turf education and we are committed to continuing with our support of STC and the ongoing education opportunities.  For those members that are not part of STC, I encourage you to contact myself, Andre Dione, Jerry or STC directly to find out more on how being a member can benefit you and your organization.  

In closing, there has been some rain and the temperatures are cooling down so I hope that those who have been affected by the wildfires and drought this year can get some relief and can look forward to coming out to our in-person opportunities coming up later this year.  

Stay safe and enjoy the last of summer and start of fall!