Message From the President Feb/March 2022

Winter 2022 President’s Message
by Gary Bartley

As I write this message, I have to look back at the difficult last couple of years and think that things will get better as we move forward into the new season.

The WCTA has plans for in person events that Jerry and the Board are putting the final details on and hope to announce very shortly.  We all want to meet and talk face to face in “real time” and we will get there.  The membership has been amazingly supportive of the many resets and I want to thank all of you putting up with the many changes in direction.  

We are stronger now than when we went into COVID 2 years ago.  The Association has more members, members have been active in WOW and Virtual Conferences, and we have shown that we can put strong and timely education sessions out to the members across the Provinces and States.  This allows us to give value to those members that can’t get to in-person sessions and events.  The turnout from all areas of the WCTA regions shows that we need to continue with these online offerings.  

The strength of the WCTA is the members and how we come together to support all members and non-members when things get tough.  In the past year there have been devastating events that have left parts of the Industry wondering how they will rebound and when they will be able to get back to a new normal.  I want to take this opportunity to ask all members to reach out to those impacted by the floods, fires and other events to see how you can help.  It could be changing who you order your supplies from for 1 year, lending equipment to get some businesses back up and running or giving a donation or product to help get them back on their feet.  It can be small or large, money or labour or just a call to say you are thinking about them and would like to give your support.  

The future may be still a little hazy, but we will be talking and drinking our favorite beverage very soon.  Now more than ever, we need to look at the good things we have and pay it forward.  We are better together and helping each other than we are apart.  I see a lot of positive coming and hope that everyone stays safe and healthy.