President’s Report – Jun/July 2013

13.05.21-Keith.LyallPrepared by Keith Lyall

Well, I think that was the sound of collective relief.  BC politics is a funny monster; I find myself voting to stop a person or party from getting into office and not the party I actually want to see run this province. I will admit with all the efforts put into the Special Committee on Pesticides, I am glad to see this government will get four more years. However, the battle will continue.  Our opposition groups are not going to stop lobbying government and the public and nor should we.

I still believe that now we have to ensure that our customers, the public and our elected officials completely understand the benefits of a managed landscape. Our message needs to be louder and focused on wider group. There is a lot we can do, and are doing, like social media and communicating with elected officials, but it’s time for us to employ some professional help. A professional lobbyist will ensure we are heard loud and clear like never before. Perhaps even change some minds, could you imagine municipalities reversing some of their pesticide by-laws?

As President of the WCTA, I am very proud to work with some truly inspiring individuals who can rally together and create a remarkable team. Since the Penticton conference, we have been working on some big projects, but of the biggest is working even closer with the BCGSA. The executives from both associations have met and agree that we have duplicated work, rather than doubling our efforts. Working closer allows turf professionals to have that collective voice, which is already evident with the relationship established with the Sports Turf Association (STA) last year.

Another project of importance is the 2014 Joint WCTA/CGSA Conference.  The conference committee has already met and it’s looking like we will have some great speakers and social programs as we usually do.  The dates of February 17-21 have recently been confirmed and you will find more information as it becomes available at 

Now that we are fully into our operating season (well everyone but me) and our BCGSA and STA regional meetings and events are in full swing, I encourage everyone to get out as much as they can, gain education credits, network with colleagues and support your associations and the work they do. On that note the annual BCGSA Exchange Tournament will be held here at Sun Peaks Resort in August and I am positive you will have a great time. Besides the events we are planning there is lots to do, including my favorite, fishing.  MacGillivary Lake is five minutes from the resort, there are plenty of campsites there and more RV parking is also available in the village. The Sun Burst chair lift is open for hiking and biking, along with the sports centre, restaurants, shopping etc. For more resort activities please check Stay tuned for tournament activities and accommodations, and no, I will not promise that there won’t be snow!  (Bring a sweater)

Finally I would like to thank all people who make these volunteer positions rewarding and assist in our industry selflessly, if it wasn’t for them we would not be the strong and proud industry we are today.

Good luck through the summer months and don’t forget to spend as much time as you can with your family, they need to come first.

Keith Lyall