Look Who's Joined the WCTA - June 2020 Update

As a unified voice for the professional golf and sportsturf management industry in western Canada, the WCTA is currently 696 members strong, up 1 from last report!  

2020 is well underway and we've welcomed a whopping 74 new and returning members since the start of our fiscal year! (Sep 1)  Welcome and thank you for your support and confidence in our association.  We also appreciate the 1500+ non-WCTA members on our mailing list for your interest in WCTA activities.     


Hannah Chretien - Lyons Landscaping Ltd.
Scott Mace - Lawnmower Hospital
Jim Saulter - Envirocare Ind. Ltd.
Jason Weststrate - City of Richmond Parks

Whether you're from the golf, sportsfield, supply chain or any other turf industry sector, we would like to see your name on this list! 

Why?  Because far more can be accomplished together than by each sector working on their own.  One voice, pulling the same direction, avoiding duplication, whatever the cliche, it's the most effective and sensible approach, especially when our industry needs to face tough issues.

If you know someone who would benefit from a WCTA membership, ie Turf Line News, annual conference, membership roster, job postings, CEC program, etc, have them visit our member value proposition page at http://wcta-online.com/the-wcta/membership-x 

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Are you interested in knowing more about the societal benefits of turf?  CLICK HERE for a great poster from the CTRF.