Look Who's Joined the WCTA - 2022 Starting Strong!

As a unified voice for the professional golf and sportsturf management industry in western Canada, the WCTA is currently 698 members strong!  

With cancellaton of our annual conference, 2022 hasn't started like we planned however there is a bright spot with 38 new members already signed up!

Welcome and thank you for your support and confidence in our association!  We also appreciate the 1500+ non-WCTA members on our mailing list for your interest in WCTA activities.     


Colin Baker - Sierra Landscaping
Cory Barnetson - District of North Vancouver Parks
Emily Berry - SD#23 Central Okanagan
Jeremy Bonney - SD#33 Chilliwack
Al Buick - City of Burnaby Parks
Bruce Bunn - Husqvarna Canada
Mike Desmarais - Birchbank Golf Club
Alex Dube - Kings Links by the Sea
Matthew Fomey - District of Lake Country
Riccardo Gazzola - Vancouver College
Quinton Harasemchuk - SD#73 Kamloops/Thompson
Greg Hay - Town of Sidney
Mark Hoey - Revelstoke Golf Club
Kyle Hopfner - Kinkora Golf Course
Mitchell Kelly - Osoyoos Golf Club
Gregor Kowalski - Target Specialty Products
Gil Leblanc - Kelowna Springs Golf Club
Duncan Longridge - City of Vancouver - Fraserview Golf Course
Paul MacRitchie - City of Burnaby Parks
Laura McMurran - SD#45 West Vancouver
Dean McQueen - City of Burnaby Parks
Tom Morrison - Swan-e-Set Bay Resort
Jarod Moxley - Town of Sidney
Carla Newman - SD#75 Mission
Neil Pilon - Sagebrush Golf Club
Hamish Reidie - Penticton Golf & Country Club
Kim Robson - County of Grand Prairie
David Rutherford - Penticton Golf & Country Club
Brent Saukarookoff - District of Lake Country
Roy Savage - City of Port Coquitlam
Don Surgeoner - Adama Canada / Quali-Pro
Rick Thompson - Van-Ed Equipment
Al Ure - SD#6 (Rocky Mountain)
Richard Van Gend - Meadow Gardens Golf Club
Reid Wheeldon - Inland Properties -  Wildflower Golf Course
Mitchel Wright - Mountain View Golf Course
Chris Zerebeski - City of Saskatoon

We would also like to congratulate the following retired WCTA members:

Brad Ashton - City of Castlegar
Perry Charlton - District of Saanich Parks
Ted de Crom - City of Richmond Parks
Mark Ekengren - City of Delta
Mike Harrison - Osoyoos Golf Club
Yvonne McNab - Municipality of Jasper
Ted Sophonow - City of Kelowna
Mike Weatherby - Fraserglen Golf Course

Whether you're from the golf, sportsfield, supply chain or any other turf industry sector, we would like to see your name on our new member list! 

Why?  Because far more can be accomplished together than by each sector working on their own.  One voice, pulling the same direction, avoiding duplication, whatever the cliche, it's the most effective and sensible approach, especially when our industry needs to face tough issues.

If you know someone who would benefit from a WCTA membership, ie Turf Line News, annual conference, membership roster, job postings, CEC program, etc, have them visit our member value proposition page at http://wcta-online.com/the-wcta/membership-x 

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Are you interested in knowing more about the societal benefits of turf?  CLICK HERE for a great poster from the CTRF.