Look Who's Joined the WCTA - 30 More New Members Since Last Report!

As a unified voice for the professional golf and sportsturf management industry in western Canada, the WCTA is currently 765 members strong! 

Since our last update in mid-January, we've weclomed another 30 new and returning members which has to be some kind of record!  New and returning members continue to register, hailing from across the board including the golf, sportsfield & lawn care sectors plus industry suppliers/service providers and turf management students.

Welcome and thank you for your support and confidence in our association!     


Nick Adams - Hatley Memorial Gardens (Arbor Memorial)
Greg Canil - City of Parksville
Sarah Carpenter - SD#46 Sunshine Coast
Rob Catinus - Oak Bay Parks, Recreaton & Culture
Aaron Currie - Kwantlen Turf Management
Caroline Dalgleish - City of Mission
Tom Donaldson - Vernon Golf and Country Club
Carla Grimann - Vancouver Parks Board
Mark Grosart - Green Tee Golf 
Jacob Harder - University of the Fraser Valley
Arno Harmsen - TurfTalents
Barb Holmes - City of Fort Saskatchewan
John Klop - Klop Equipment
Connor Long - Bootleg Gap Golf
Dean McIntosh - City of Vancouver - Parks Operations
Nathan McTeer - Creston GC
Tom Morrison - Surrey GC
Wes Nelson - Town of Sidney
Chris North - Salt Spring Island GC
Brian Oates - Hirsch Creek G&WC
Steve Pearson - Fairview Mountain GC
Craig Robison - Nico Wynd Golf Course
Jason Rolfe - Industrial Machine Inc.
Troy Ross - Rivershore Golf Links
Kevin Shaw - DLF Canada
Ben Stocks - City of Fort Saskatchewan
Kyle Waite - City of Fort Saskatchewan
Jurrien Wetselaar - Oak Bay Parks, Recreaton & Culture
Mary-Lou Wilmott - Makr Group
Jim Wilson - Creston GC

We would also like to congratulate the following retired WCTA members:

Jim Boeckman - Dawson Creek G&CC
David Bibbard - District of North Vancouver Parks
Chris Iverson - Cowichan Sportsplex
Don Mayes - City of Burnaby Golf Operations
Ken Lyons - City of Burnaby Golf Operations
Ryan Pearson - Surrey Parks & Rec
Barrie Race - Poppy Estates Golf Course
Vik Silgailus - Radium Resort
David Wall - Premier Pacific Seeds

Whether you're from the golf, sportsfield, supply chain or any other turf industry sector, we would like to see your name on our new member list! 

Why?  Because far more can be accomplished together than by each sector working on their own.  One voice, pulling the same direction, avoiding duplication, whatever the cliche, it's the most effective and sensible approach, especially when our industry needs to face tough issues.

If you know someone who would benefit from a WCTA membership, ie Turf Line News, annual conference, membership roster, job postings, CEC program, etc, have them visit our member value proposition page at http://wcta-online.com/the-wcta/membership-x 

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