Major Update to CTRF Website Content

June 15, 2018

For immediate release: The Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation (CTRF) is pleased to announce its website,, has had major content updates over the past several weeks.

 “Updating the site was a time consuming but important task to ensure research results are being disseminated to the turf management industry,” stated Executive Secretary Jerry Rousseau, adding, “we’re still working on edits but did not want to delay any longer in sharing both new and previously unposted research reports from CTRF funded projects.  Most of the remaining updates are aesthetic.”

Links to over 20 reports have been added to either the ‘Current Research’ or ‘Past Research’ pages depending on project status as follows:

Identification of Drought Resistant Cultivars, PTRC and Guelph, Dodson/Lyons

o Nov 2013
o Dec 2014
o Feb 2015
o Feb 2016

Selection and Management of Bentrgrass Cultivars, Guelph, Hsiang 

o June 2017 powerpoint

Rolling and Resistance, Michigan State University, Vargas

o Final report 2018

The Effect of Snow Cover and Anti-Transpirants on the Persistence of Snow Mould Fungicides, University of Wisconsin, Koch

o Fall 2017 report
o Spring 2018 report

Management of Take-All Patch, Guelph, Jordan

o March 2015
o Sept 2016
o Apr 2017
o Apr 2018

Foliar Applications of N & K, PTRC, Dodson

o Sep 2017 report
o Jan 2018 report 

Testing Lower Risk Fungicides, Guelph, Hsiang

o Feb 2017
o Sep 2017

Alternative Irrigation Strategies, Oregon State University, Kowalewski

o Final report

Fall Applications of N & K and the Effect on Winter Hardiness in Annual Bluegrass, PTRC, Dodson

o Report November 2013
o Report July 2014
o Report Feb 2015
o Final Report May 2017

About the CTRF
The Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation is a federation of organizations from across Canada committed to supporting scientific research of amenity turf management that benefits end users of our communities’ recreational infrastructure and that enhances our urban environments.

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