NTA Donates Nearly $70k Toward Turf Research

With nearly $70,000 donated toward turfgrass research studies and educational programs in 2020, the Northwest Turfgrass Association has reached philanthropic levels it has not touched in at least a decade.

More than $61,000 of that is going toward turfgrass research being conducted at Oregon State University under the direction of Dr. Alec Kowalewski.

In all, $67,967 from the NTA is supporting OSU as well as the turfgrass research foundation in Canada, turfgrass disease reference material and $2,500 in scholarships for turfgrass students at Walla Walla Community College.

“On behalf of the Northwest Turfgrass Association Board of Directors, I am proud of the fact that we have been able to increase our donations to turfgrass research through the generosity of our donors and members,” said Cory Brown, president of the NTA and the superintendent at Overlake Golf and Country Club in Medina, Wash.

Over the past five years, the NTA has averaged roughly $50,000 a year in various donations, so the jump to almost $68,000 this year represents a considerable leap.

“By funding turfgrass research we will continue to benefit golf course superintendents, turfgrass managers, golfers, and the general public by improving turfgrass management techniques and developing environmentally sustainable programs,” Brown said.

These grants from the NTA are made possible by numerous and generous donations to the NTA from clubs and individuals throughout the Northwest. More information on assisting the NTA in its research efforts is available by contacting Paul Ramsdell, the executive director of the NTA, at mpsparks90@aol.com or 253-219-8360.

Presentations on most of these research projects will be given at the annual conference of the NTA, set for Oct. 11-13 of this year in Chelan, Wash. More information on the conference and being a sponsor is available at www.nwturfgrass.net.

Here is the breakdown of donations from the NTA in 2020 as voted on by the Board of Directors after recommendations from the Research Committee:

Comparing iron sulfate versus chelated iron for the suppression of Microdochium patch on annual bluegrass putting greens in the absence and presence of phosphorous acid.
Oregon State University - $11,141.00       

Quantifying the long-term effects of alternative Microdochium patch management techniques on sand-based annual bluegrass putting green performance over multiple seasons.
Oregon State University - $9,999.00

Effects of winter nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium rates on Microdochium patch.
Oregon State University - $10,020.00

Long-term effects of topdressing and cultivation practices on an annual bluegrass putting green.
Oregon State University - $10,020.00

Exploitation of alternative disease suppression using Epichloë endophytes.
Oregon State University - $10,000.00

Enhancing turfgrass carbon sequestration to improve sustainability and market access.
Oregon State University - $10,187.00

Various research studies:
Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation - $3,100.00
Bill Griffith Turfgrass Management Scholarships
Walla Walla Community College - $2,500.00
Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, Fourth Edition, The American Phytopathological Society - $1,000.00