Alberta Turf Research Foundation Update

Despite the late start amidst COVID-19, reports across the province have been very positive. The golf sector has posted record numbers, in part by NGCOA Canada’s effort to lobby for comprehensive safety protocols. With industry led standards, Health Canada lifted its federal restriction and our provinces engaged.

Coupled by limited recreational competition, golf has benefitted - the power of association!  Despite limited F&B options available, green fees and cart rentals remained the top two profit centers of each golf facility.   Now entering phase three, recreational options have opened, and Parks & Recreation departments are re-staffing with great urgency.  Rain throughout May and June has also been excessive, Calgary airport reports 161.6mm vs 282.3mm in 2019 & 2020 respectfully - and its still raining!  Although a bumper crop of broadleaf weeds and few breaks of clear skies to spray, all in all July is looking green($$$)! 

Research Projects:

The Fall Fertility project funded by The Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation (CTRF) is now complete, and final analysis is underway for August submission. Shade and Roadside trials formerly funded by NSERC are also being considered for the annual report.     

This time of year the Prairie Turfgrass Research Center is preparing project ideas for the annual call to proposals in October. Your ATRF will aim to fund 2-3 projects each year, ideally benefitting each sector of our diverse turfgrass community. With an accrued the annual contribution deferred from 2019, you can expect a strong investment into turf research for 2021.  

Financial Outlook: 

Since our fiscal year began April 1st, we have renewed 38 members, with more coming in every day.  As businesses get back to full swing (pun intended), we acknowledge the generous support of our membership and partners.   Contributing 100% of our profits to turfgrass research, we aspire to fund $100K in turf research annually. Big shout out to the Alberta Golf Superintendents Association, and the Sod Growers Commodity Group for their generous renewals - kick starting us this spring! 

Upcoming Events    

Regrettably, an inability to plan and reserve event space has resulted in postponement of our biennial Research field day at Olds College.  Notably, the 2020 Canadian Golf Show planned for November in Vancouver has also been postponed. We are currently investigating alternative opportunities which adhere to the Ministry of Health’s social distancing protocols.

Share your project ideas! Submit them HERE  

Should anyone have any questions, please check the website for your sector representative, or reach out to Jason,, or 403-556-8243