CTRF Announces 2022 Turf Research Project Funding

April 4, 2022
For immediate release:

The Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation (CTRF) is pleased to announce funding approval for the Oregon State University (OSU) turfgrass research project titled ‘Enhancing Turfgrass Carbon Sequestration to Improve Sustainability and Market Access’ by Dr. Alec Kowalewski.

Funding of the OSU project, now in its second year, is a financial collaboration between the CTRF and several of its member organizations including the Quebec Turfgrass Research Foundation, Western Canada Turfgrass Association and Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation.  The Northwest Turfgrass Association is also funding the project through its annual CTRF dues contribution and independently of the group.

WCTA representative Peter Sorokovsky stated, “This was the first time in [CTRF] history that almost every group ranked one specific project, Carbon Sequestering research from OSU, as their number one project.”

In partnership with the Quebec Turfgrass Research Foundation, the CTRF continues to fund the project ‘Understanding and predicting pesticide use on golf courses using deep machine learning’, by Dr. Guillaume Gregoire of Universite Laval, also about to begin its second year.  Total commitment over two years is $59,225. 

Past and current research project are posted at www.turfresearchcanada.ca.

We are very pleased with the quality of all twelve project proposals received this year and thank researchers for their submissions,” stated CTRF Chair, Paul Schofield adding, “All were very high quality and reflect the depth of support we have in achieving our turfgrass research goals.”

The 2023 turfgrass research funding call for proposals is planned for late summer 2022.

About the CTRF
The Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation (CTRF) is a registered charity that raises funds for turfgrass research projects aimed at advancing education and scientific knowledge associated with the safe, recreational and functional use of turfgrass.

Jerry Rousseau, Executive Secretary  
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