2023 Turfgrass Research Contributors

The turgrass research funding year begins with our annual conference and trade show.  Normally, these three days yield about a third of our annual fundraising through the Silent Auction, 50/50 draw and by the efforts of the Kwantlen Turf Club.  In the past, any contributions from allied organizations were presented at the show.


Without conferences in 2021 and 2022, fundraising became a huge challenge.  Thanks to two Patrick Dooley Memorial Golf Tournaments and our somewhat unique policy amongst associations whereby 10% of member dues are directed toward research, even in a difficult time we were able to uphold our mandate of supporting supporting valuable research projects

For the 2022/2023 fiscal year, our comeback Silent Auction raised $8,040, the highest in a decade!   Thanks to all contributors and bid winners for your support!  In total, $23,342 was raised this past year and will be directed toward turf research projects next year. 

Where dollars go is decided by the research committee based on a carefully developed list of turf management industry priorities (see below) and $4,000 is earmarked annually for collaborative funding with the Canadian Turf Research Foundation.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who serve tirelessly on our Research Committee:  

Peter Sorokovsky - City of Burnaby (Chair)
David Duncan - THP Co. (WCTA Past President)
Ladd Legeyt - Agrium Advanced Technologies (Industry Representative) 
Jim Ross - Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre (retired)
Curtis Zanussi - City of Castlegar (WCTA Director)
Arran Marlow - Blue Ocean Golf Club
Josh Carlsen - Township of Langley 

Current Turfgrass Research Priorities:
- Nutrient and fertility management, best management practices
- Soil and root-zone management, best management practices
- Evaluation of alternatives to pesticides
- Irrigation and water use issues (water quality and reducing water usage)
- Investigations into the biology, ecology and management of current and emerging pests
- Alternative cultivar and species for new turf construction, integration and conversion into existing turf areas
- Species/cultivar evaluation and improved management practices for areas of heavy traffic and wear tolerance