Product Placement

12.04.25-happy gilmore_product_placement_36By Armen Suny

Let's face it, kids just aren't that interested in playing golf and it appears as if we will lose an entire generation of golfers. Most kids, in all probability, think that golf is a game for old men. We, as an industry, need to find ways to make golf appealing to kids. Golf organizations have been spending tens of millions of dollars a year trying to attract kids to golf but have failed. The economy and rehashing the same old ideas for growing the game of golf do not bode well for our sport. We need to find new and innovative ways to make kids want to know more about or even, dare I say, play golf.

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The Secret Life of Golf Courses

12.04.25-augustanational By Pat Jones

The legendary Augusta National Golf Club which hosts the famous old tournament is, quite simply, perfect. The emerald green color is perfect. The sharp edges of the white sand bunkers are perfect. The azaleas that frame the best-known holes in golf are perfect. Even the pimento/cheese sandwiches and mint juleps are perfect. Perhaps too perfect.

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Choosing Sides In Traditional And Non-traditional Nutritional Products

12.04.24-Connolly.jpg By Jim Connolly - Turfgrass fertilizer traditionally contains one or more of the common 16 elements that are considered essential for plant growth. These elements still represent the core of most fertilizer programs and many golf courses apply only the traditional “elemental” nutrients. But there are a growing number of professional turfgrass managers applying products that contain more than just elemental nutrients.

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