President's Report Fall 2012

WCTA12-Tab-Buckner-HS sideWCTA President Tab BucknerAs I look outside my office window it is just another grey day with the rain falling and high winds in the forecast……… the fall/winter blues have already hit the west coast of BC while everybody east is bracing for old man-winter or has been hit already.

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President's Report - 2012 Year End

WCTA12-Tab-Buckner-HS sideWCTA President Tab Buckner

Season’s Greetings!  As my term of President began this past January, the year was already starting off as a very difficult one for our association.  Major challenges we were and are still dealing with include attracting new members, adding value to WCTA membership, putting on a worthwhile and financially viable trade show, strengthening allied partnerships and exploring new avenues of revenue generation just to name a few.

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President's Report - Feb/Mar 2013

WCTA12-Tab-Buckner-HS sideWCTA President Tab BucknerAs the WCTA celebrates 50 years as one of the premier non-profit associations in Canada for individuals who manage turf, it continues to invest in Research, Education and Discussion. Currently for 2013, your Board is working on new opportunities and activies for the membership to participate in. Your association is only as strong as the membership. 

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Annual General Meeting Minutes 2012

12.04.24-WCTAlogo-grassonly.jpgANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
49th Annual WCTA Conference & Trade Show
Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, BC
Crystal Ballroom - 4:30 PM  Sunday, January 22, 2012

1.    Call to order • President Mitchell called the meeting to order at 4:35 pm.
• Qurom A quorum of 48 was present.
• Necrology Report A moment of silence was observed for WCTA member: Dave Holmberg Jr., Bobcat Country
• M/S/C R. Tromp/A. Hood approval of AGM agenda

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